Public relation and Editorial committee:
  • Inform members regarding the activities of the Chapter on regular basis in the form of E-News or Email.
  • Participate in local community's important events, seminars and talks to represent the chapter
    • Ganesh Chandra Baniya: Coordinator 
    • Sudarshan Chapagain: Member
    • Tika Acharya: Member
    • Bhim Guragain: Member
    • Madhusudhan Jangam: Member
Continuous Professional Education Committee (CPE):
  • Develop online CPE programs, ICAN will have to approve the program.
  • Conduct quarterly CPE programs (Online)
    • Naya Raj Baral: Coordinator 
    • Ishwar Pokharel: Member
    • Joiti Raj Adhikari: Member
    • Bonisha Pandey: Member
    • Gyem Raj Adhikari: Member
Membership Database and Information Technology Committee:
  • Update membership database, identify new members and persuade them to join chapter
  • Coordination of Chapter's activities on the Internet, including the Chapter's web pages.
    • Birajan Pant: Coordinator 
    • Namisha Bhattarai: Member
    • Rajan Ghimire: Member
    • Rajan Kunwar: Member
    • Kundan Karna: Member
Contemporary issue discussion Committee:
  • Facilitate interaction among members on various contemporary issues.
  • Provide article/materials of professional interest through email on monthly basis for members' discussions.
    • Binod Lamsal: Coordinator 
    • Pradeep Pokharel: Member
    • Lalit Aryal: Member
    • Santosh Timalsina: Member
    • Bigyan Shrestha: Member
Professional Enrichment Committee:
  • Review the professional development activities of the Chapter and recommend new initiatives.
  • Research the activities of other similar accounting professional bodies and recommend the best practices.
    • Laxman Bhandari: Coordinator 
    • Dili Prasad Thapalia: Member
    • Prakash Basyal: Member
    • Yogesh Ghimire: Member
Audit Committee:
  • To provide oversight on financial reporting and disclosure
    • Yagya Hari Paudel: Coordinator 
    • Yubraj Gautam: Member
    • Pramod Pokharel: Member
    • Samjhana K.C: Member